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Trimester Family Fun Nights

Physical Science Night

This year's Physical Science Night was spectacular.  Every grade level had experiments for families to try out that were directly related to the science concepts learned in class.  IMPACT Academy families got their hands dirty while making Oblick, tested different substances for their reaction with vinegar, water and oil, created circuits that actually lit a light bulb, and measured liquid into different size containers.  Every family that attended had a super fun time learning about science! Way to go fourth grade students-teaching your parents how to use the Smartboard!

Earth Science Family Night

Oh what fun families had at our Earth Science Night last year!  We were lucky enough to have the Simi Valley Astronomy Club come and share their telescopes with us.  Families were able to see the moon up close and personal as well as Jupiter and a nebula!  Families identified rocks, excavated chocolate chips fossils and learned about the different types of earthquake faults.  A week after the Family Night a parent posted on Facebook, "Kudos to the Garden Grove Staff for such a fun Earth Science NIght, my son can't stop talking about the new things he learned that night." Looking forward to more fun this year.  Stay tuned!