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Kindergarten News

We look forward to a wonderful year in kindergarten.    It is so true that change is a normal part of life, and we will have a front row seat to a big change on our campus-the construction of our brand new, state of the art MPR building!  We are so thrilled that our students will be able to watch the amazing engineering and construction of this marvelous building first hand.  They will always remember being here for this event!

We begin the year introducing  the letters and sounds of the alphabet-a few at a time-, and how to count to 30 by 1's and to 100 by 10's. 

This year we will introduce 96 high frequency words, teach the students how to copy and to write a complete sentence,  shapes, rhymes, cutting, gluing & how to color neatly.  We will also learn  how to blend CVC words, the life cycle of a pumpkin, Penguins, the life cycle of a butterfly and  about the life cycle of plants.  We will even grow our own plants at school.  It will be a great year!

 We know that parents & teachers are a team, and when we work together, ALL the students benefit.    


Mrs Hunt & Mr. Coleman  

Join us for Kindergarten Orientation, Tuesday, August 13th at 3:00 p.m. in the K-1 classroom! See you there!

Pete the Cat Is Ready for Kindergarten!
Pete the Cat Is Ready for Kindergarten!