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1st Grade

NGSS Science

Light and Sound

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles

Structures and Functions of Organisms


Academic Vocabulary

Words of Focus


  • ask
  • category
  • classify
  • combine
  • comment
  • communicate
  • decide
  • discuss
  • find
  • investigate
  • notice
  • organize
  • plan
  • predict
  • reason
  • respond
  • retell
  • review
  • select
  • sequence

No Excuse Words

All first grade students are expected to spell these words correctly in their daily writing by the end of the year. 

a, do, he, is, of, said, they we, and for, here, me, on see, to, what, are, go I, my one, she, too, who, because have in, not, play, the, was, you.

First Grade News

What a great year in First Grade this has been.

Our first graders proofread as a whole class and help to "correct" our many capitalization, spelling, and punctuation errors in our morning message. Students learned to demonstrate command of English Language conventions in grammar and usage when writing and speaking.   At home, please continue to read every night together through the summer. 

In math,first graders have worked with time, money, and the meaning of numbers greater than they can count, and  two and three dimensional shapes.

Please keep reading all summer long! It really makes a difference!








First Grade Teachers