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Kindergarten News


Our kindergarten students have been busy  engaging in academic and fun activities through some online lessons/games/story times and through work packets . It's been exciting to see what our students have been doing and how they are progressing.

We've seen pictures of our students  doing science experiments, sharing their drawings/art work and showing us their STEAM activities even from home! 

This is a big year for learning our basic colors, spelling out first and last names, and expressing an opinion by drawing, writing, or speaking.  Sight words, following three-step directions, and retelling the main parts of a story that has been read aloud are all important milestones. 

During math, students pracice additiion and subtraction problems with numbers 0-10, and  identify basic shapes like square, triangle, rectangle, and circle.  Motor skills like cuttingl along a line with scissors, holding a crayon or pencil for writing, and self control are taught.

We love our  students & their families, and appreciate all the people who are supporting them with all of their learning experiences!

Mrs. Hunt   

Pete the Cat Is Ready for Kindergarten!
Pete the Cat Is Ready for Kindergarten!