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Peaceful Playground at Garden Grove

Peaceful Playground is a playground system designed to put an end to most playground conflicts. Peaceful Playground teaches students important life skills using these six key principles:

  1. Teach students a consistent universal set of rules so that there are fewer disagreements.

  2. Teach new games to all students so that they have more choices.
  3. Teach all students the skills needed to solve conflicts (walk/talk/rock, paper, scissors).
  4. Provide adequate playground equipment. (New equipment has been purchased for each grade level.)
  5. Provide universal and consistent expectations and positive reinforcement for good sportsmanship.
  6. Mark the playground with new-age appropriate games.

CHAMPS Character Education

Get started with a positive attitude

Respect yourself and others

Offer kindness and encouragement

Work hard and be responsible

Listen and learn


Bullying: The actions of a student are INTENTIONAL, REPEATED and HURTFUL acts, words, or other behavior which occur in a relationship where there is an IMBALANCE OF POWER.

Please know that the teachers and administration take bullying very seriously. There is a difference between playground conflicts and bullying.


What is an Academy?

The Garden Grove Elementary School-IMPACT Academy is a new focus for all classes. The focus will be on an integrated mathematics and science curriculum. The staff will be providing a stimulating hands-on learning environment. Problem-solving and critical thinking will be addressed through the math and science curriculum.

What does IMPACT stand for?

Integrated Math, Science, Problem Solving, And Critical Thinking Techniques.

Is the Garden Grove Elementary IMPACT Academy just certain classes within the school?

All classes will participate in this new focus. Math and science activities will be integrated in all classrooms.

How will Math and Science be integrated?

  • Integrated science units with connections to literature and writing
  • Intentional instruction in Problem Solving Strategies throughout all curricular areas
  • Students will participate in technology driven data collection
  • Computer Media Centers actively used in all classrooms
  • School-wide project based math/science activities

What makes the Garden Grove Elementary School-IMPACT Academy different?

  • Family Nights are organized nights and teachers will sign up to attend AT LEAST one per year
  • Clubs will be included as part of our unique activities.  Some possible clubs: Environmental, Woodworking, Gardening, Art, Music
  • Grade Levels will design projects will have a math/science focus i.e. Interest reports, ant building project
  • Staff will be specifically trained in critical thinking and problem solving teaching techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is a GATE student.  What special programs would the Garden Grove Elementary School-IMPACT Academy offer?

High-achieving students will benefit from the application of learned concepts. Problem solving and critical thinking are higher level skills that will be presented in a challenging curriculum.

If the school is focused on math and science does that mean that students won’t do Language Arts and Social Studies?

Language arts, social studies and all other curricular areas will still be taught at The Garden Grove Elementary School-IMPACT Academy. The focus of math and science will be integrated into all subject areas whenever possible. 

I live across the street from the school does that mean I have to participate in the lottery?

If Garden Grove Elementary School is your neighborhood school, you do not need to participate in the School of Choice Lottery.

My child doesn’t excel in science and/or math. Can he/she still participate to The Garden Grove Elementary School-IMPACT Academy?

Yes!  We are hoping that with further exposure to math and science that students will enjoy learning and will begin to excel in these areas.

My child is in the Special Education program, will he/she still participate to The Garden Grove Elementary School-IMPACT Academy?

Yes! Hands-on math and science activities are wonderful avenues for integration. There are plans in the works on how students with special needs will be integrated into the general education classes more often based on this focus.

My child is an English Learners. Will he/she still participate to The Garden Grove Elementary School-IMPACT Academy?

Yes! Hands-on math and science activities are wonderful avenues for English Learners to gain necessary vocabulary and learn new concepts.