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5th Grade

What Students are Learning

Students are moving away from: state, tell, memorize, list, label,  and toward more: design, connect, revise, analyze, create, prove, compare, investigate, draw conclusions, cite evidence, and how to develop a logical argument.

NGSS Science

Matter and its Interactions

Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions


From Molecules to Organisms : Structure and Processes

Earth Systems and Earth's Place in the Universe

Space Systems

Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics

Earth and Human Activity

Water Cycle and Weather


Academic Vocabulary

Assess, calculate, circumstance, cite, complement, conclusion, consider, consistent, contrary, convey, correlate, criteria, critique, debate, depict, design, dispute, elaborate, eliminate, evaluate, excessive, explain, generalize, hypothesize,  identify,  Imply, influence,insert,  integrate, interpret, judgment, justify, model, method, organize, persuade,properties, represent, research, resolve, significant, simplify, specific

Digital Citizenship
  • Cyberbullying is repeated sending or posting of harmful messages, images, or videos about someone else using the Internet, cell phones, or other types of technology.
  • If a student believes they are being cyberbullied, the best first step is to step away from the computer or put the cell phone down, then tell a trusted adult (parent, teacher, etc.) what is going on.
  • If they can, don’t delete anything the cyberbully sent. They may need this as proof of what is going on.
  • If they know someone is being cyberbullied, help the person by encouraging them to talk to an adult. Tell the person being bullied that they care about them and want to help. Do not spread rumors. Tell the cyberbully to stop.


S- Step Away

T-  Tell a friend or trusted adult

O- Only visit approved sites

P- Pause and Think!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is a real transition year for students.  Fold in distance learning and  we are investigating a new model of education from the start.  We are so proud of our students and their positive attitudes to the new school year. 

This year, we will  conduct research for essays and projects and compare and contrast differing viewpoints on important topics.  This is the year your fifth grader will enter the realm of deeper study in writing, reading, history, math, science, and the arts.  

In math, your student will master common factors and multiples, determine and express simple ratios and percentages and deepen their knowledge of geometry and pre-algebra.  

In science, we will focus on the Next Generation Science Standards and learn more about matter, molecules, motion, energy, earth systems, space systems, and water and weather cycles.

History will tell the exciting story of our country, and the people, places, and processes that led us to our government and nation of laws we have today.

Remember that there is no elevator to success-you have to take the stairs!   All students will be expected to take on more responsiblity for their own learning, and rely less and less on adults at home for reminders to complete work. 

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

Ms. Lopez, Mrs. Greenlinger, Mrs. Horn