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3rd Grade

NGSS Science

Forces and Interactions

Weather and Climate


Life Cycles and Traits

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Third Grade News


  We're so proud of the participation and courage that all the students and families have shown over these past few months whether in person or virtual.   As communication is the key, please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you,

Grade 3 Team


What to Expect in Third Grade:

Third Grade is a year of great academic growth.  Students are becoming more  abstract thinkers.  In math we focus on subtracting two and three digit numbers, regrouping, measurement, and multiplication patterns.  We will estimate, interpret graphs, and predict probability and outcomes.  

Third graders can read more fluently and correct themselves more often to figure out words from context clues. We will work with chapter books, and nonfiction and "read to learn" new things.  We will tackle graphic organizers, and grammar, and learn to summarize by paraphrasing in our own words.

In science we will investigate systems, life cycles, and habitats, forces of nature, and other parts of the natural world. 

In social studies, your student will begin to learn more about our country and the world.  Geography skills and map skills are so important.







Third Grade Teachers