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2nd Grade

NGSS Science

Structure and Properties of Matter

Processes that Shape the Earth

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Academic Vocabulary 

Clarify, compare, connect, create, decision, define, detail, direction, examine, explain, group, opinion, prove, purpose, receive, result, strategy, survey, topic, trace

Second Grade News

This Spring, our emphasis is on fluent reading (reading without stopping to figure out words) at each child's own level. Children need to be able to read words at each level effortlessly before they can really comprehend what they read. 

Children are also learning to become better story writers and write short narratives about an event or character and how to write a story from a personal viewpoint. Please listen to your child read nightly!

By spring, mathematics concepts become more complex. Children are asked to order and group numbers and work with numbers far greater than those they can physically count. We are adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, and working to understand simple multiplication and division up to the number five

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Second Grade Teachers

Kids working on computers

Room 7 Kids on Chrome books