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2nd Grade

NGSS Science

Structure and Properties of Matter

Processes that Shape the Earth

Weather Patterns

Rocks & Minerals

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Academic Vocabulary 

Clarify, compare, connect, create, decision, define, detail, direction, examine, explain, group, opinion, prove, purpose, receive, result, strategy, survey, topic, trace

Second Grade News

Our school year is filled with fascinating insights and you can help out by staying involved and asking students what they learned each day whether they are in person or virtual.

Our second graders are learning to read more complex words, such as two-syllable words with common prefixes and suffixes.  

In math, we  delve further into place value, and learning to add and subtract using regrouping.  We explore basic fractions after January, and learn how they relate to a whole.  Skip Counting will be a precursor to learning multiplication tables!   At home, sieze opportunities to build money sense, and explore measurements like inches, feet, yards, cups, gallons, etc.

In writing, we focus on putting a number of different types of sentences (statements, questions, and commands) together to create a descriptive piece of writing.    They hear us often say, "Tell me more about that."  

IIn Science, we explore topics like the four seasons, the Earth's orbit around the sun, our place in the solar system, how different types of clouds can predict certain weather patterns, rocks and minerals, and life cycles

Social Studies continues a focus on neighborhoods, community, and families.

We continue to  use Google Classroom for many assignments. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions.







Second Grade Teachers

Kids working on computers

Room 7 Kids on Chrome books