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1st Grade

NGSS Science

Light and Sound

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles

Structures and Functions of Organisms


Academic Vocabulary

Words of Focus


  • ask
  • category
  • classify
  • combine
  • comment
  • communicate
  • decide
  • discuss
  • find
  • investigate
  • notice
  • organize
  • plan
  • predict
  • reason
  • respond
  • retell
  • review
  • select
  • sequence

No Excuse Words

All first grade students are expected to spell these words correctly in their daily writing by the end of the year. 

a, do, he, is, of, said, they we, and for, here, me, on see, to, what, are, go I, my one, she, too, who, because have in, not, play, the, was, you.

First Grade News

What a great year we are having so far !  Students are progressing not only in academic but social  and motor skills as well. 

In First grade, students learn to have conversations about situations from different points of view.  We compare and contrast characters and stories, and share similarities and differences in writing.  First graders learn how to work independently for short periods of time, and how to take turns even when we are really excited to share our ideas. 

In Writing we learn how to restate the question, answer it, and cite/explain to answer open-response questions. Writing in complete sentences, and spelling common words like "where" and "every" are expected.  

During Math, we practice with addition and subtraction problems 0-20, and telling time to the nearest our and half-hour using analog and digital clocks .  We begin to add double-digit numbers that do not require regrouping, and start to play with decomposing simple numbers. (For example 13 + 24 is the same as 10 + 20 + 3 + 4).

We are off to a great start! Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions. We are a team!

Ms. Guzzo and Mrs. Donlon








First Grade Teachers