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1st Grade

NGSS Science

Light and Sound

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles

Structures and Functions of Organisms


Academic Vocabulary

Words of Focus


  • ask
  • category
  • classify
  • combine
  • comment
  • communicate
  • decide
  • discuss
  • find
  • investigate
  • notice
  • organize
  • plan
  • predict
  • reason
  • respond
  • retell
  • review
  • select
  • sequence

No Excuse Words

All first grade students are expected to spell these words correctly in their daily writing by the end of the year. 

a, do, he, is, of, said, they we, and for, here, me, on see, to, what, are, go I, my one, she, too, who, because have in, not, play, the, was, you.

First Grade News

What a great year we have had in first grade !  Exciting changes at school!  We are building a new excellent, state of the art MPR building and first graders have had a front row seat to every step!  

Thank you for a chance to work with your student this year.  Remember to always "proceed with kindness", and "dream big"!

Enjoy your summer.  See you back August 17th!








First Grade Teachers