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5th Grade


2/18 President’s Day (Pupil Free Day)

3/15 End of Third Quarter (Check A.R. pts 75 + by now?)

3/25-3/29 Spring Recess

4/19 Local Holiday (Good Friday)

4/24 5th grade to Ronald Reagan Pres. Library (Simi Valley by bus)

5/27 Memorial Day

6/7 Last Day of School


A Look Ahead...

to   2019-2020

8/14/2019 First Day of School

9/2 Labor Day

9/30 Local Holiday (Rosh Hashana)

10/9 Local Holiday (Yom Kippor)

11/1 (Staff Dev.- Pupil Free Day

11/11 Veterans Day

11/25-29 Thanksgiving Recess

12/20 First Semester Ends (Check AR pts 50+)

12/23-1/6/2020 Winter Recess

1/7 School Reconvenes

1/20 MLK Day (Pupil Free Day)

2/14 Pupil Free Day

2/17 Presidents' Day (Pupil Free Day)

3/13 Staff Dev. (Pupil Free Day)

3/23-27 Spring Recess (Pupil Free Days)

4/10 Local Holiday (Good Friday 2020)

4/13 Pupil Free Day

5/25 Memorial Day-Pupil Free Day

6/5 Last Day of School for 2020


Gold Ribbon Award!

Garden Grove IMPACT Academy has been recognized with a 2016 Gold Ribbon Award from the California Department of Education. Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced the list of California’s 2016 Gold Ribbon Schools recently. "These schools shine as bright beacons for others, putting forth an exemplary effort to ensure that every student is ready for 21st century college and careers," Torlakson said. "California teachers are developing an education model for the nation, training the students of today to be the problem-solvers, inventors, and pioneers of tomorrow." 

 The Gold Ribbon Award celebrates the teamwork, positive school culture, and focus on student success that are Garden Grove IMPACt Academy traditions.

NGSS Science

Matter and its Interactions

Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions


From Molecules to Organisms : Structure and Processes

Earth Systems and Earth's Place in the Universe

Space Systems

Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics

Earth and Human Activity

Water Cycle and Weather


Students are moving away from: state, tell, memorize, list, label, 

and toward more: design, connect, revise, analyze, create, prove, compare, investigate, draw conclusions, cite evidence, and develop a logical argument!

Congratulations to Mrs. Aiani for being selected to represent Garden Grove Elementary IMPACT Academy at the 2018 NGSS (Science) Leadership Conference!

Reading Suggestions

Fifth Grade "I Can" Statements

What Your Child Learns in Fifth Grade.

Academic Vocabulary

Assess, calculate, circumstance, cite, complement, conclusion, consider, consistent, contrary, convey, correlate, criteria, critique, debate, depict, design, dispute, elaborate, eliminate, evaluate, excessive, explain, generalize, hypothesize,  identify,  Imply, influence,insert,  integrate, interpret, judgment, justify, model, method, organize, persuade,properties, represent, research, resolve, significant, simplify, specific

Report Card Information for Parents

Common Core Standards with "I Can" Statements: Click Here


5th          Mrs. Denise Aiani denise.aiani@simivalleyusd.org )  Room 15

4th/5th     Mrs. Lisa Greenlinger (lisa.greenlinger@simivalleyusd.org) and 

                Mrs. Angelica Horn (angelica.horn@simivalleyusd.orgRoom 9

5th/6th    Mrs. Danielle Williams (danielle.williams@simivalleyusd.org)  Room10






Homework Feb. 11-14

ROOM 15  (Aiani)  

This is Kindness Week at Garden Grove! No Homework for room 15 fifth graders except the solar oven and scale model projects.

Move-a-thon monies are due by Thursday, 2/14th.  We have already won a free recess and one student will be Principal for a day! Thanks for your support!


MONDAY:  (Backwards Day-wear your shirt backwards.  "You can't take back unkind words.")

Solar Oven Competition 

(Students have been studying nonrenewable and renewable energy including solar energy. Last Friday, we worked in teams to create solar ovens to melt marshmallows.  One team got their temp. up to 115 degrees! We learned good seals, using black to absorb heat and using foil and plastic wrap to keep heat inside are all important.  Students were challenged to go home over the weekend and create a "solar oven" to melt a marshmallow s'more on Monday (sun willing).  They can use a pizza box, smaller cereal box, smaller hot cereal container, anything they want painted, lined, with a door cut open to put the marshmallow in.  If you bring it in we will test it this week!)


TUESDAY: (Neon Day-Wear bright neon colors- Light up the world with kind thoughts, words, and action)


WEDNESDAY (Wear your favorite team jersey day- "Feel the team spirit at GG)


THURSDAY  (Early Day 1:05) (Valentines Day! Wear Red or pink and get ready to dance and move awith our Move-a-thon DJ!


FRIDAY: (Spirit Wear Day! Wear your  GG spirit shirt or red, white, and blue!)


Choose an object. Draw the object and take 5-10 measurements-this is your blueprint.
Decide if you will SCALE UP (10 x each measurement) or SCALE DOWN (1/10 or .1 of each measurement). You could also take 1/5th of each measurement. Get your new measurements and draw a second picture of the object on the blueprint, labeling the new measurements.  Now,  build your model of the object using the new measurements. Add as much detail as you can to your model to make it look like the original. Be creative. You may be using mailing tubes, cereal boxes, or something else. Due February 15th. (Some items students have chosen in past years include: crayon, credit card, pencil,fruit, computer mouse, Expo Marker, scissors, laptop, a doghouse, a toy car, a bag of Doritos, a shoe, sports equipment, calculator, kitchen utensil, to name a few...)


NOTE: No school Monday 2/18 and next Tuesday 2/19 is OPEN HOUSE!!!! 6:30-7:00 or 7:00-7:30. 


ROOM 9 (Greenlinger/Horn):

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes: ​​​

  • Frindle Unit Test- 2/12
  • Science-"How Can the Sun Tell You the Season?" - 2/14


Upcoming Assignment Due Dates: 

  • Frindle NP & Culminating Project DUE- 2/13
  • Accelerated Reader Expectation-  due 3/8 
    • Fifth graders must read at least one non-fiction & one fiction book and pass quizzes with a 70% comprehension score each month.  The upper grade (grades 4, 5, 6,) goal is 100 AR points by June 1st.


HOMEWORK: (As assigned, and unfinished classwork is due the next day)




Tues.              Wed .   Thurs.             


Language Arts           


Frindle Novel Packet



Frindle Unit Test



Frindle Novel Packet (NP) & Culminating Project DUE


Interest Report Topic DUE





Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min








Social Studies









"How Can the Sun Tell You the Season?" Quiz


















Digital Citizenship Reminders

  • Cyberbullying is repeated sending or posting of harmful messages, images, or videos about someone else using the Internet, cell phones, or other types of technology.
  • If a student believes they are being cyberbullied, the best first step is to step away from the computer or put the cell phone down, then tell a trusted adult (parent, teacher, etc.) what is going on.
  • If they can, don’t delete anything the cyberbully sent. They may need this as proof of what is going on.
  • If they know someone is being cyberbullied, help the person by encouraging them to talk to an adult. Tell the person being bullied that they care about them and want to help. Do not spread rumors. Tell the cyberbully to stop.

When you feel concerned or see something online that makes you uncomfortable...

S- T- O -P


S- Step Away

T-  Tell a friend or trusted adult

O- Only visit approved sites

P- Pause and Think!

Helpful Websites


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5th- Journeys SPELLING CITY Practice online: Click here

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5th-HM-Math Practice click here

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Math Practice: http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-5

Challenge:-HM Math Problem Solving Click Here

Do you have a "Growth Mindset"? Listen to Jo Boaler! Click Here




Scott Foresman Social Studies: http://www.cahistorysocialscience.com/

States and Capitals: http://www.50states.com/tools/

Presidents and First Ladies: click here

Geography Games Geography Games click here

Native American Tribes and Regions of the U.S. click here



5 Foss Science Living System E-book Click Here

5 Foss Science Mixtures and Solutions E-book Click Here

5 Foss  Science Water Planet E-bookClick Here 

5 Foss Science Living SystemsClick Here and Here

5 Foss Science Earth and Sun Click Here and watch videos  Here

5th Grade Interactive SCIENCE TEXT click here

5th Grade ONLINE SCIENCE REVIEW   Click Here

5th-HM -Science(Education Place) CLICK HERE (Cricket Connections, simulations, vocab. games)

Foss Science: http://www.fossweb.com/studenthome


Additional Resources:

Materials Engineering and the Statue of Liberty: Click Here

Empire State Building timeline Click here

Civil War-Fort Sumter: Click here

Mt. Rushmore Geology:  Click here

The Alamo:  Click here

History of the Grand Canyon National Park: Click here



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