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1st Grade

Important Dates

10/19 Staff Dev. (Pupil Free Day)

10/23 Red Ribbon Week-Wear red

10/24 Red Ribbon Week-twins, triplets, quadruplets Day

10/25 Red Ribbon Week-crazy hair, socks, and hat day

10/26 Red Ribbon Week-Pajama Day (school appropriate with shoes)

11/12 Veterans Day (Pupil Free Day)

11/19-11/23 Thanksgiving Recess (Pupil Free Days)

12/20-1/8 Winter Recess

1/9 School Reconvenes

1/21 Martin Luther King Day (Pupil Free Day)

2/18 President’s Day (Pupil Free Day)

3/25-3/29 Spring Recess

4/19 Local Holiday (Good Friday)

5/27 Memorial Day

6/7 Last Day of School

First Grade "I Can" Statements

NGSS Science

Light and Sound

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles

Structures and Functions of Organisms

Comprehension Questions

Fiction Texts: Click Here

Nonfiction Texts: Click Here

Reading List Suggestions


Academic Vocabulary

Words of Focus


  • ask
  • category
  • classify
  • combine
  • comment
  • communicate
  • decide
  • discuss
  • find
  • investigate
  • notice
  • organize
  • plan
  • predict
  • reason
  • respond
  • retell
  • review
  • select
  • sequence

No Excuse Words

All first grade students are expected to spell these words correctly in their daily writing by the end of the year. 


a, do, he, is, of, said, they we, and for, here, me, on see, to, what, are, go I, my one, she, too, who, because have in, not, play, the, was, you.

Report Card Info. for Parents

Common Core Standards with "I Can" Statements:  Click here


First Grade Teachers


Mrs. Brianna Guzzo



Mrs. Kylie Donlon





This Quarter, our first graders proofread as a whole class and help to "correct" our many capitalization, spelling, and punctuation errors in a morning message.  At home, please encourage your child to proofread their writing, and read every night. 


In math, we are studying place value in numbers  to 20 and beyond, including using place value to determine whether one number is greater than or less than another.  Our focus on place value lays the foundation for understanding regrouping in both addition and subtraction. This month we will begin learning several strategies for addition of larger numbers, including grouping numbers into tens, and using "doubles" and "doubles plus 1" facts to add numbers together. 


We are excited about several of our upcoming STEAM  activities to teach science, technology, art, and engineering connections.








Garden Grove IMPACT Academy has been recognized with a 2016 Gold Ribbon Award from the California Department of Education. Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced the list of California’s 2016 Gold Ribbon Schools recently. "These schools shine as bright beacons for others, putting forth an exemplary effort to ensure that every student is ready for 21st century college and careers," Torlakson said. "California teachers are developing an education model for the nation, training the students of today to be the problem-solvers, inventors, and pioneers of tomorrow." 

 The Gold Ribbon Award celebrates the teamwork, positive school culture, and focus on student success that are Garden Grove IMPACt Academy traditions.

Links and Helpful Resources

coding with Mr. Shuster: http://bit.ly/simicode



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Book Suggestions 

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IXL Math Practice


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Grade 1 Online Science Textbook: click here

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Science Summaries and Games: click here

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FOSS Science


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