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2nd Grade


Dates to Remember

11/12 Veterans Day (Pupil Free Day)

11/19-11/23 Thanksgiving Recess (Pupil Free Days)

12/20-1/8 Winter Recess

1/9 School Reconvenes

1/21 Martin Luther King Day (Pupil Free Day)

2/18 President’s Day (Pupil Free Day)

3/25-3/29 Spring Recess

4/19 Local Holiday (Good Friday)

5/27 Memorial Day

6/7 Last Day of School

Second Grade "I Can" Statements

NGSS Science

Structure and Properties of Matter

Processes that Shape the Earth

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems


The mission of Garden Grove Elementary School is , "By focusing on an integrated Mathematics and Science curriculum, the Garden Grove IMPACT Academy staff will provide a stimulating hands-on learning environment to develop life long learners."  Students will participate in lessons that Integrate Math, Science, Problem Solving And Critical ThinkingTechniques.  Garden Grove is one of the few schools in California offering students with special needs and general education students numerous opportunities to interact socially, emotionally, and academically by integrating special education students daily into the general education classrooms.  There are 448 students currently enrolled in Kindergarten through Sixth grade.  Garden Grove Elementary School includes PreSchool and Special Education Classes.  Classrooms are equipped with technology including wireless capability and networked computers available to all students.  

Reading List Suggestions

Academic Vocabulary to Know

Clarify, compare, connect, create, decision, define, detail, direction, examine, explain, group, opinion, prove, purpose, receive, result, strategy, survey, topic, trace

Report Card Information for Parents

Common Core Standards with "I Can " Statements: Click here

Mrs. Brooks Back to School Night 2015


IMPACT Academy's 2nd Grade Teachers

Ms. Anne DiRubio

Mrs. Leslie Brooks 



Second Grade News

From January to March our emphasis is on fluent reading (reading without stopping to figure out words) at each child's own level.  Children need to be able to read words at each level effortlessly before they can really comprehend what they read. 


Children are also learning to become better story writers and write short narratives about an event or character and how to write a story from a personal viewpoint. Please listen to your child read nightly!


In math  from January to March, mathematics concepts become more complex.  Children are asked to order and group numbers and work with numbers far greater than those they can physically count. We are adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, and working to understand simple multiplication and division up to the number 5.


Contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns .  



Parents...Here are some websites you may want to visit with your child for extra practice at home.





Mrs. Brooks

Mrs. Brooks


Garden Grove IMPACT Academy has been recognized with a 2016 Gold Ribbon Award from the California Department of Education. Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced the list of California’s 2016 Gold Ribbon Schools recently. "These schools shine as bright beacons for others, putting forth an exemplary effort to ensure that every student is ready for 21st century college and careers," Torlakson said. "California teachers are developing an education model for the nation, training the students of today to be the problem-solvers, inventors, and pioneers of tomorrow." 

 The Gold Ribbon Award celebrates the teamwork, positive school culture, and focus on student success that are Garden Grove IMPACt Academy traditions.

Helpful Links


Reading http://www.eduplace/kids.com

Reading Links:http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmr/

Synonyms/Antonyms: http://www.do2learn.com/games/




Math Practice: http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-2

Math Practice: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmm/practice/ep_2.html

Math Plus: http://www.aplusmath.com/games/index.html



Science E-Word Game: Click Here

Science Link: http://www.fossweb.com/ca/modulesK-2/grade2.html

FOSS Science http://archive.fossweb.com/modulesK-2/index.html

EduPlaceScience http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmsc/2/

Animals:  http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/animals/

Grade 2 Online Science Textbook: click here

Grade 2 Reading and Writing in Science click here

Science Summaries and Games : click here

Online Science Textbook: click here

EduPlace Neighborhoods: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/



Room 7 Kids on Chrome books 

Place Value with base ten blocks